Foley House Inn

The Foley House Inn is one of the Great Bed and Breakfast Inns of Savannah. The home was built in 1896 for Honoria Foley, as she turned her original homestead into the very first Bed and Breakfast in Savannah. She lived in this home with her widowed son and his five children.

Foley House InnFoley House Inn

The Foley House was not the first home built on this property. The original wooden home built there was destroyed in the 3rd major fire of Savannah in 1889. Many of the homes built over similar burnt properties have reports of paranormal activity, and the Foley House is no exception. Though most of the Activity within the Foley House is very subtle and not as frequent as other locations, it continues to have reports through out the year.

When they renovated the home to expand into the property next door they made a grave discovery. When they removed the walls between the two buildings, they found the skeleton remains of a male figure. There has been a lot of speculation that they may have been from someone that stayed therein the late 1800’s. However, it is more likely to be much older than that and likely placed there when the home was built.

Unfortunately there are many tour guides that have made up very exaggerated stories about the Foley House Inn and if they were all true, I don’t think anyone would ever stay there. 🙂  We are one of the Recommended Tours and included in their “Haunted Savannah” package, so we are kept updated about the Real experiences by the actual guests of the Inn. If you take our Walking Ghost Tour then you will hear the most accurate details about the paranormal activity at the Foley House Inn.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Savannah and if you are looking to stay in one of the Historic Home Bed and Breakfast instead of the more modern hotels, then you should definitely look into the Foley House Inn. You never know… you may be one of the guests that comes back to tell us a story to add onto the Tour!