In March 2014 the Ghost Adventures crew, Zac, Arron & Nick made a visit to the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, Georgia. As they were visiting the city and enjoying the St Patrick’s day festivities, they decided to do a little Ghost Hunting inside the Most Haunted Home in Savannah! ghost adventures sorrel weed house

During the overnight investigation, they recording some amazing EVPs as well as getting disembodied voices and movement within the Mansion and Carriage House. On the days before the investigation, while they were conducting interviews and learning about the history of the home, they also had several strange occurrences.

During the interview with Donna, Arron’s camera shut down while they were filming in Molly’s room. He didn’t realize that it had happened until they had left the building and he was checking the footage.

There were also moments of dizziness they experienced in a couple of areas of the home. Many other people over the years have also had the feelings of dizziness in certain areas. There have been times when mediums refused to go into certain areas because of the level of activity in those rooms at the time of their visit.

Based on all of the crews experiences and the stories they heard from a number of people in the area, I think they were very happy with the opportunity to learn about and investigate the Sorrel-Weed House and Carriage House.

While Zac and Arron got to spend the investigation night inside the Sorrel-Weed House, Nick unfortunately had to go to a warehouse for his investigation. Although this warehouse is promoted for tours as being extremely “haunted”, we have never seen a legitimate paranormal investigator come out of the building with any evidence that would be considered paranormal. It’s mostly just a chance to use some equipment and walk around a trolley & storage area. There’s a lot of interference from electrical lines and noise from the streets around the building that will cause equipment to go off. I don’t think Nick was very happy about this the next day, and we have never heard them mention that location ever again.

We appreciate the Ghost Adventures crew for coming in and treating the home very well and found the evidence they were able to record to be very relevant to the many stories we hear from people all the time, on our Ghost Tours.