The Hamilton Turner Inn is one of the great Bed and Breakfast Inns of Savannah. It also is known to have some Paranormal Activity within it’s walls. Hamilton Turner Inn Savannah

Mr Samuel Hamilton had the home built for his family in 1873. As one of the more prominent business men in Savannah, he was also known to have great parties at the home. During the parties, the children would be confined to the 4th floor to play amongst themselves. In 1883 it became the first home in Savannah to have Electricity. They say many of the people that came out that evening to watch them turn on the first light, stood on the far side of the square, in fear that the house may explode.

Dr Francis Turner purchased the home in 1915 and lived there with his family until 1926. He moved back into the home in the early 1840’s and the Turners owned it until 1965. Dr Turner used space in the lower level for his medical practice.

The Historic Savannah Foundation had to step in to save the home in the 1960’s as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist wanted to tear it down to make room for a playground! Lucky for us it survived. It became a boarding house for many years after that. Joe Odom, made famous in the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” managed the home for many years and was known to have raucous parties at the house. After his death, his girlfriend, known as ‘Mandy’ ran the home until the late 90’s.

It was purchased by the Strickland’s and they began the renovations and turned it into the wonderful B&B that it is today.

Although they prefer not to advertise the fact that many guests have experienced the Paranormal Activity in the home, if you ask nicely, they may tell you about the most recent reports. The most common activity is the strange noises on the upper floor. We won’t go into a lot of details here, as we cover this on the Walking Ghost Tours, but we do get feedback every few weeks of the latest reports and experiences inside the Inn.