Ghost Hunters House Tour

Ghost Hunters Tour

On the Ghost Hunters House Tour you will hear about the Exciting history and the Tragic history of the Sorrel Family.  See and Hear the Paranormal Activity recorded inside the Sorrel-Weed House and Carriage House.  Your tour walks you through the House that every Famous Historic Figure of the ol’ South would spend time in Socially during the 1840’s-50’s.  The Sorrel-Weed House has become known as the “Most Haunted Home” in Savannah because of the consistent Paranormal Activity that is Experienced and Recorded by Paranormal Investigative Teams and the guests on the Ghost Hunters House Tour.

You also get to do your own Ghost Hunting inside the Mansion and Carriage House. With the Infrared Cameras and the EMF detectors, you can see if the Ghosts will interact with you as well.  Bring your own Ghost Hunting equipment if you have it… or at least bring your cameras with you as well.

What will You Experience Inside the Most Haunted Home in Savannah? Take the Ghost Hunters House Tour to find out!

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Tours run 7 Nights /Week

Age 12-Up = $20

Kids age 7-11 = $10

Tours last about 1-Hour